3 Card Poker Strategies

If you’re looking to learn all of the strategies and secrets involved in three card poker, you’ve come to the right place. Three-card poker is a great option for those looking to dive into the fun world of online casino games, whilst getting plenty of playing time for your money. Today we run through essential strategies, that’ll have you playing and winning games like Caesars Casino 3 Card Poker in no time at all…


Learn Your Stuff

Those who are new to the game must be prepared to spend a little time brushing up on the basics. There’s no point rushing into high stakes competitions when you’re still getting to grasps with how things work. Practice makes perfect after all.


Watch Your Stakes

When you first start playing, the stakes of your games are likely to be set to the highest possible options. We always recommend setting the chips values and stakes levels to something you’re happy with – or you could end up playing for more than you bargained for. Save that for when you know the lay of the land!


Always Check Your Reserves!

In order to be able to play the ante bet option, you need to have enough cash in your online reserves to play that hand – otherwise you’ll be forced to fold what might be your best hand of the night, and no one wants that.


Tournament Strategies

The aim of a three card poker tournament is to win as much as possible in the shortest space of time. The best strategy for this is to establish how many hands you’ll be able to play in the allocated time based on your tournament credits, and then place just ante bets. If you don’t adopt this, you’ll likely blow all of your tournament credits super fast, and won’t make it to the money making part of the competition.


Against The Dealer

When playing the dealer, you need to make a play or raise the stakes when you’re holding in your hand Queen-six-four, or something better. The dealer will be playing this simple ‘queens or higher’ strategy too. In practice this involves playing any pairs or higher, Queen high when your second highest card is a seven or better, Queen high when your second card is a six and your third card is a four or better, and King or Ace high. This strategy requires patience, as you’ll have to fold a lot in pursuit of better hands.


Strategy For Pair Plus

To get the chance to win big, you’ll need to get to grips with using the pairs plus bet. There are a lot of variations out there, but you’ll find that the most popular has a house edge of 2.3 percent. The Pair Plus bet can be made alone, or alongside your usual ante/play bet, and the success of the bet will depend on the three cards you’re dealt. The losses with pair plus are more volatile, and they do vary from site to site, so do bear this in mind when choosing to use it.