3 Casino Games That Are Actually Better Online

The gambling market in the UK is huge, while it also continues to grow exponentially on an annual basis.


While this may not come as a surprise, however, the online market share is becoming increasingly eye-watering. Online gambling and virtual casinos now account for 33% of all activity in the market, for example, with operators generating an estimated £4.5 billion in 2016 alone.


This makes online gambling the biggest single contributor to the sector, but the question that remains is do virtual casinos deliver a superior experience to bricks-and-mortar alternatives?


Here are three games that we think are better online:


  1. Roulette


Let's start with virtual roulette, which combines the very best of traditional gameplay with all of the natural advantages that are available online.


More specifically, virtual casinos are home to a staggering number of roulette iterations, from the high-rolling premium versions on Playcosmo.com to a growing range of themed versions. Many of these have been designed to suit the needs of new and casual players, while every single iteration has been based on the classic patterns established by American, European and French roulette.


This makes online roulette a popular choice for both casual and serious gamblers alike, particular as the versions derived from European and French rules offer a relatively low house edge of 2.7%.


  1. Blackjack


Now we come to another table game, and one that often requires players to showcase rudimentary numeracy skills.


Once again, there are a huge number of blackjack iterations available online, which enables gamblers to diversify their experience and maximise their chances of achieving a desired return-to-player (RTP) rate.


Perhaps the most compelling argument in favour of playing blackjack online is the lack of distraction, as this enables you to focus on applying your numeracy skills and a predetermined strategy. The cannot be said in noisy and alcohol-fuelled land casinos, while the ability to focus helps you to turn a game of chance into one where skill can prevail.


  1. Poker


Finally, we come to the game of poker, which has been an offline casino staple for generations. Poker is also the casino game that has been most romanticised throughout the ages, thanks primarily to music, film and television.


While some may argue that online or video poker lacks the charm of the bricks-and-mortar, however, novice players are likely to disagree. After all, online poker makes it impossible for individuals to leverage body language or psychological skills, as rivals cannot interpret your physical tells in a virtual environment. Instead, online players tend to utilise various data-set pertaining to their rivals, helping them to review their previous performances and determine their unique style of play.


In this respect, online poker levels the playing field for novice and experience gamblers alike, while making it easier for the former to leverage data and apply a predetermined strategy throughout.


Ultimately, the choice between offline and online gambling platforms is personal to you. There is no doubt that virtual gambling is becoming increasingly dominant in the industry, however, with some games offering a superior and more rewarding experience when they are played online.