Create Your Own Vegas at Home

For many tourists, the allure of Las Vegas and its lavish attractions make it a destination that ranks high on their list of places to visit. Regrettably, the finances required for such a trip prevent many an excursionist from fulfilling their ambition of making it to The Entertainment Capital of the World.

Alas, not all is lost. You can bring Las Vegas to your very own home with a few inventive touches and creative craftsmanship to create a "fake Vegas" under your very own roof and party, gamble and sip cocktails in your own version of the Silver City.

Just follow our suggestions below and you can experience Las Vegas without having to even board an aeroplane!

Online casino

If you're going to mimic the gambling capital of the world, then setting up a casino is the best way to go about achieving that. An easy and cost-effective way to achieve this would be to set up an online casino on a phone, tablet or computer, allowing yourself and guests to indulge in a spot of live roulette and imagine that you're on the Vegas Strip from the comfort of your living room - minus the unnecessary disorder caused by tables and stray gaming chips.


It stands to reason that a cocktail is the drink of choice in Las Vegas, with an abundance of lavish bars offering some innovative and unorthodox creations for the city's cocktail connoisseurs - see the Fire-Breathing Dragon offered by the Chandelier. Mixology may not be your strongest vocation, but cocktails are a crucial component in the pursuit of Vegas perfection that you can't overlook. So break out the shaker and whip up the margaritas. Remember, presentation is key!

Spa treatments

Even on the best of days, Las Vegas can be overwhelming and sometimes the excesses of too many nights on the town requires therapy of the spa kind. OK, so your home may not carry the prestige of the Bellagio, but that shouldn't prevent you from creating your own Vegas- esque spa resort, complete with massage tables, hair salon and nail bar, for the ultimate in respite relaxation.


Las Vegas isn't called the 'City of Lights' for no reason. After all, the Fremont Street Experience in the downtown area boasts a retina-scorching 12.5 million LED lights as part of its spectacular display. Adorning your abode with lashings of neon lights - perhaps not on the scale of Fremont Street - but enough to re-create the Vegas vibe is recommended. After all, how can you impersonate a city famed for its light displays without any lights?

Online shopping

Whether it is The Forum Shops at Caesars, The Crystals at CityCenter or The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas certainly isn't short of a spectacular retail outlets to indulge the most ardent of shopaholics. So what "Fake Vegas" would be complete without a shopping experience that not even New York or Paris could match? Fire up the laptop and swipe the tablet into life because online shopping will allow you to peruse virtual aisles of the Vegas shopping scene from your living room.