Online Vs Land Based Casino

For many years Las Vegas has been the home of gambling, parties and crime. Although some find the golden ticket and make their millions in a legitimate manner, some prefer to go down the route less travelled and use the bright lights and long nights to make riches in a less legitimate way. Casinos on the strip have often been targeted as easier targets to make a quick buck. From robberies to counting cards all normally end one way. There have been many robberies and heists over the recent years which target Vegas casinos. It's not just in vegas where this has been a trend, check out the top 5 heists in the UK to see how crime has affected business in the UK. Crime could be one of the reasons why the land-based casinos have been declining in recent years and online casinos have been thriving. 

If you currently work in an industry that has a thriving online market you will already be aware that this once untapped source of potential business and clientele can really help give your industry a boost. Some industries, such as retail, marketing and gaming services have been completely revolutionised by this online evolution and with its rapidly expanding reach it comes as no surprise to see many businesses, which have previously been reluctant to develop their services into the ever increasing online market, struggling to keep up. One such industry that has always appeared to embrace new technology and other methods in which to increase its popularity and cater for more and more potential players in order to drive revenue is the casino industry.



The online casino industry has flourished over the years and is one of the main ways in which millions of players across the globe now choose to gamble in some form or another. There is a multitude of classic and new online games and it’s the most convenient way now in which to enjoy games such as roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat and a slew of various slots on your PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone or now even from your smartwatch or other wearable device. The gaming choices and the way in which you can withdraw, deposit and even interact with other online players is quick and simple and its something that has begun to appeal to millions of new potential gamblers who are able to access and play these games with just a few taps and swipes.

The classic casino experience itself has been replicated, albeit in a virtual environment. Many land-based casinos and operators were initially weary about this new technology leading to a decline in the industry with potential players turning away from traditional casinos and switching over to this virtual alternative. However amazingly it’s not been that impactful at all, instead it’s simply opened a whole new revenue stream for many of these world famous casino brands.


Avid amateur and professional gamblers spend much more time now playing online than they ever have before but this by no means has seen them keenly opt for the online platforms over their land-based counterparts. A gamer’s preference still appears to very much be the more traditional brick and mortar casinos out there. They want to sit at a table and interact with other players and the dealers. They want to be able to touch the chips and the cards in their hands and they want to hear the noises, smell the smells and sense the atmosphere around them and this is something that the online experience simply can replicate. Even with the likes of advancing technologies such as virtual and augmented reality already boasting more immersive and realistic gaming experiences it still cannot imitate the experience yet to this level.