The Top and most surprising Gambling wins of all time

By its very nature, gambling is an unpredictable entity that can both surprise and delight in equal measure. Modern gambling is also increasingly diverse, spanning everything from online casinos and classic table games like roulette and poker to live virtual tournaments and a huge range of evolving sports betting markets.


When you also consider that most bookmakers enable you to bet on a host of special and unique markets, the typical gambling experience can be as exciting as you want it to be. It can also lead to some huge wins, particularly if you leverage the right markets and think with a strategic mind.


3 of the most Striking and surprising Gambling wins of all time


With this in mind, let's take a look at three of the biggest and most surprising gambling wins of all time. These include: -

3. Keep it in the Family at Odds of 2500/1

Parents are always proud of their children, but in some instances this can lead to stubbornness and poor decision making. In the case of Peter Edwards, however, it triggered the best decision of his life and one that earned a huge windfall.


When his grandson Harry Wilson was just three, Edwards wagered £50 that the youngster would play for the Welsh national team in the future. While he must have seen something special in the talented toddler, the house was all too keen to accept the bet and offered him odds of 2500/1. Incredibly, October 2013 saw a then 16-year old Wilson arrive as a substitute during a World Cup Qualifier between Wales and Belgium.


Not only was he the youngest player ever to turn out for the Welsh, but he also earned his proud grandfather a staggering windfall of £125,000.

2. Breaking the Bank at Monte Carlo

When you hear the term 'breaking the bank', your mind is instantly drawn to the idea of the house being bankrupted. In actual fact, the term refers to instances when players win every chip on the table, and this is a feat that was accomplished by Charles Deville Wells at the world famous Monte Carlo casino back in 1891.


At the end of this incredible run, Wells had won a cool one million francs and the modern day equivalent of $500,000. This was during the course of a single evening, with eleven hours alone spent at the house roulette tables. Wells became a living legend as a result of his success, while his exploits remain a source of excitement even to this day.

1. The Man who won $40 Million over 3 years

If there is one man who embodies the true spirit of gambling, it is the legendary Archie Karas. He is an individual who has experienced some incredible winning and losing streaks during the course of his gambling career, with the most famous having unfolded after he walked into Las Vegas in 1992 with just $50 in their pockets.


On the back of a huge $2 million loss in LA just weeks before, Karas took his remaining $50 and entered Binion's Horseshoe casino on the strip. Playing high-stake Razz, he quickly commenced on a streak that would see him amass a $40 million fortune in a little under three years, trying his hand at everything from nine-ball pool and poker to roulette.


While Karas' fortunes fluctuated wildly in the years after this streak (he lost $30 million of this windfall in less than a month weeks later), he will always be remembered for arguably the greatest and most sustained winning run in gambling history.