The Biggest Ever Slot Wins

The popularity of casinos continues to grow. Whether its traditional land-based casinos managing to attract more and more guests through their doors or indeed this entirely new audience of players who have been warmly welcomed through new online casinos and special virtual environments where they can enjoy all the classic casino experiences without even having to leave their own homes.

What most players dream however is of course that elusive big win. Not everyone is lucky or fortunate enough to land a life-changing win at the tables or on the slots but that doesn’t stop players going back again and again for more of the same. Here are just some of the biggest slot wins ever.



JOHANNA HUENDL ($22.6 million)

There are many hugely popular slot games out there that offer incredible jackpot payouts such as Mega Moolah but it’s machines like Megabucks that are arguably the most famous in the world today mostly because of their astonishing progressive jackpot prizes.

With wins in excess of $20 million for these lucky few winners it’s no surprise to often see the game hitting the headlines. That’s exactly what happened when the 74 year old Johanna Huendl of California managed to walk away with an incredible $22.6 million jackpot at Bally’s all from a mere $170 stake money when she was simply on her way to breakfast one morning.


In 1998 a 67 year old retired flight attendant was lucky enough to score a huge life-changing win on a Megabucks machine after putting in $300 and walking away with a cool $27.5 million prize jackpot.

Incredibly she had previously won another $680,000 jackpot when she played on Wheel of Fortune slot machine, coincidentally both of which were won in the Palace Station Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

This landmark win was the first time that a Megabucks machine had exceeded $20 million in prize funds.


The Desert Inn on the Vegas strip was the setting for Cynthia Jay-Brennan’s monster $34.9 million jackpot win back in 2000.

Sadly however the win couldn’t be enjoyed for too long and just 6 weeks later after her win the Las Vegas cocktail waitress was involved in a life-changing car accident when a drunk driver smashed into her car which resulted in the death of her sister and left Cynthia paralysed for life.

An incident that gave those who believe that big wins actually result in bad luck just the proof they needed.

ETHAN MILLER ($39.7 million)

It’s still the biggest ever slot win in Las Vegas history and the lucky recipient of this unbelievable prize jackpot was 25 year old software engineer Ethan Miller from LA.


It took just $100 for Miller to trigger the huge payout at the Excalibur Hotel and he walked away with $39,710,826.


This marked the biggest slot payout ever to be recorded in Las Vegas and it’s a record that still stands to this day.