The Most Profitable Slot Games

Online gambling has gone from strength to strength over the past decade or so mostly thanks to the boom in the mobile gaming market. Now thanks to incredibly sophisticated technology and the evolution in both smartphone and tablet-based mobile devices many classic casino games are enjoying a second wind.


Most traditional casino games have translated to the online gaming market beautifully but it’s the world of slot gaming that has really embraced this new tech opening the doors to new, exciting and innovative slot games and themes. They range from the small and simple to the overly complex and there are even ones that now offer life changing sums of money.


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The leader of the pack without a doubt is the Mega Moolah slot game which has the ability to reward its top winner with a guaranteed prize of over £1 million at least.


Over the past few years this iconic mega-slot has made headlines on several occasions where those fortunate enough to be playing have walked away with unbelievable amounts of cash.


The game itself includes 5 different progressive jackpot totals each ranging in size but all very equally worth winning.



For those looking to add a little insane absurdity to their slot experience can't go wrong with this brilliantly fun and entertaining slot game based on the classic zany comedy 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.


It's filled with hilarious voiceovers and cool animations all based on the classic animated styling’s of Python team member and award-winning director Terry Gilliam. But what makes this welcome in our list is the fact that its own progressive jackpot more often than not hits over £1 million, quite literally the Holy Grail for all slot fans.



The ever-expanding Marvel universe has taken the movie box office by storm in the last few years thanks to its creative new visions of classic comic book superheroes and villains. These fresh-faced new franchises are slicker, sharper and more fun than ever before and so it’s a certainty that all the big names would eventually get their own dedicated slot game.


Most slot sites now offer a selection of games featuring Marvel characters and team-up efforts such as The Avengers can offer players the opportunity to win huge progressive jackpots.



This quality slot draws from Nordic influence and even though its fun to play its even better for those seeking out a worthy jackpot amount to try and win.


At the Hall of Gods slot you actually get the chance to win 1 of 3 different progressive jackpots which increase after each and every spin played.


The mini jackpot is worth over €8,000 and still certainly worth winning but it’s the top jackpot that often manages to reach a staggering amount.


Recently the total managed to climb to more than €7,500,000 and just back in 2013 it was a Swedish fellow who was lucky enough to win a €6.7 million jackpot prize playing the game.