Las Vegas Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to rent a car?

Not really. However, I would recommend this for most folks, having a car allows you to visit some of the outlying "locals" casinos (like Sam's Town, Suncoast, The Orleans, Sunset Station and Green Valley Ranch Station) that are among the best properties in Las Vegas. It also allows you to visit Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Mt. Charleston and Red Rocks, just to name of few. Las Vegas is one of the cheapest places in the world to rent a car, with a full-size often available for under $30.00 per day. If you are still unsure think about how may times you get a cab, if it is more than three times per day you probably should be looking at renting a car.

How much gambling money should expect to spend?

Again another question that totally depends on your personal means. I think a good rule of thumb for most people is $100.00 per person, per day. (I have seen folks gamble this in 2 minutes and others live on $100.00 all weekend). Here is a good budget tip, bring along enough envelopes for each day, put each days gambling money into each envelope. At the end of each day put your winning (or any remaining change you have) into the envelope and move to the next envelope. With some luck you may come home with enough money to get your car out of the parking garage at the airport!

Where is the best place to stay?

This is like asking what is your favorite color! Las Vegas is different things to different people. However, We would suggest the following (boy this is gonna get us in trouble):

Economical Strip Off-Strip "Locals" Convention
Excalibur Green Valley Ranch Station Treasure Island
Imperial Palace Sam's Town Westin Casurina
Bally's The Orleans Las Vegas Hilton
Sahara Sunset Station Venetian
Mid-market Strip Higher End Strip Escape the crowds
Aladdin - Planet Hollywood Venetian Hyatt - Lake Las Vegas
New York-New York Mandalay Bay MonteLago Village Resort
Paris Bellagio The Ritz-Carlton
Luxor Four Seasons JW Marriott Las Vegas
How far is the Grand Canyon, Can I drive to it?

The main observation areas of the Grand Canyon is about 275 miles away and takes about 6-1/2 hours to drive. Many people try to make this a day trip in the car, they're nuts! This is a long and often challenging drive through the mountains and desert, the limited accommodations often fill up around the park. I personally recommend a combination fly/motorcoach trip from Grand Canyon Tour Company, they offer the BEST tours at the BEST price from Las Vegas.

Is Vegas a place for Kids?

No, No, No! After a couple of years the casinos finally came to the senses, Las Vegas is a getaway for adults! Las Vegas has world-class restaurants, entertainment and most importantly gaming! Do your 8-year-old kids like dining on Sushi? Seeing Crazy Girls "assets"? Know how to bet a "hard 8"? Let me know what you tell your kids when someone gives daddy a magazine offering a pair of young ladies to come dance in your room! If you feel you must bring the kids I would recommend staying at Circus-Circus and visiting "Wet and Wild", the water park not the strip club!

When is the best time to visit Las Vegas?

The least crowded and most economical times are Sunday thru Thursdays during the first three weeks of December. If those do not work I would suggest visiting on between Sunday thru Thursdays, but not during peak convention periods or when large concerts are in town. For a listing of conventions click here, for large concerts check here! When it comes to weather, Las Vegas never gets very cold (40F in Dec/Jan), rarely gets snow but gets hotter than heck from May thru September. Personally we like visiting the following times: March till Early-May, Mid-September till Mid-November (watch convention dates) and Early-December thru December 25th (Christmas in Vegas is great!). Anytime is great in Las Vegas!

How do I get Comps?

Comps aren't what the used to be, Every property is different, every pit boss is different, I have heard figures like playing Blackjack at $20/hand for 6 hours before they are interested. Always ask!